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Videos - Elementalist

A listing of all classes and damage type for this wing. Use the "Filter" option at the top-right of the table to find specific videos. Oldest videos are listed at the bottom.

Elementalist | Tempest | Weaver

Date Boss/Desc. Spec DMG Type Build DPS Video
2018/09/05 Samarog Weaver Power Sword 19,150 Youtube
2018/09/03 Gorseval Weaver Power Sword 25,802 Youtube
2018/09/03 Sabetha Weaver Power Sword 27,155 Youtube
2018/01/01 Vale Guardian (VG) Weaver Power Staff 16,552 Youtube
2017/12/11 Gorseval Weaver Power Staff 23,976 Youtube
2017/12/04 Samarog Weaver Power Staff 17,012 Youtube
2017/11/21 Samarog Weaver Power Staff 16,516 Youtube
2017/10/17 Keep Construct (KC) Weaver Power Impact Staff 32,623 Youtube
2017/08/04 Keep Construct (KC) Tempest Power Impact Staff 33,044 Youtube
2017/05/22 Cairn the Indomitable Tempest Condition Sc/D 13,038 Youtube
2017/04/25 Keep Construct (KC) Tempest Power Staff 25,535 Youtube
2017/02/27 Keep Construct (KC) Tempest Power Staff 24,834 Youtube
2017/02/27 Xera Tempest Power Staff ??? Youtube
2017/01/19 Special Forces Training Area Tempest Power Staff 51,930 Youtube
2016/12/23 Sabetha Tempest Power Staff ??? Youtube
2016/09/29 Xera Tempest Power Staff ??? Youtube
2016/09/26 Slothasor Tempest Power Fresh Air D/F ??? Youtube
2016/09/04 Sabetha Tempest Power Staff ??? Youtube
2016/08/12 Gorseval Tempest Power Staff ??? Youtube

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